A Father’s Day Gift

18 Jun


Father’s Day is a day to celebrate the love shared between fathers and their children.  It may also be a day for quiet contemplation of the many ways our lives are shaped by our relationships with our fathers.  Over the weekend a very special example of this was made available to a great many people via video stream from Hay House Publishers.

The film Tales of Everyday Magic: My Greatest Teacher from director Michael Goorjian, and based on the life experience of author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, is an insightful look at the transformational power of forgiveness, a compelling exploration of the father/son relationship and a vivid illustration of the healing nature of love.

Using close-up shots and intimate angles, the film captivates from the very beginning.

Environmentally savvy university professor, Ryan Kilgore, is hesitant to enter his grandmother’s memorial service out of fear of the possibility of encountering his estranged father.  The film follows Dr. Kilgore’s personal and professional struggles as he attempts to break free of the chains he believes bind him to his father.  It is a dramatic inner journey illustrated with mesmerizing cinematography and compelling plot sequence.

Through a series of synchronistic events Dr. Kilgore is prompted to search for his father.  The people and places he encounters along the way lend a distinctly human perspective, and provide a beautiful framework for his ultimate discovery-  to live according to our highest calling, we must look upon ourselves, our planet and one another with love and compassion.  Through this shift in perspective Dr. Kilgore is able to feel gratitude for the chain of events of his life and use them to reach a higher level of consciousness.

Full of engaging dialogue, beautiful imagery and stunning symbolism, My Greatest Teacher reminds us of our roles as ever evolving, glorious conduits of love.  For ourselves, for one another and for our planet.

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