About thejoyreward

Thanks for visiting!  thejoyreward is my creative outlet.  I am a life long admirer of the written word: at my best with a book in hand or a blank page in front of me.  Although my passion is fiction, I chose to focus thejoyreward on the spiritual journey that began for me during the spring of 2007.  I felt then as though life had me trapped, until I discovered the Law of Attraction: “That which is like unto to itself is drawn.”  I realized I had a hand in creating many of the stressful circumstances in my life, and tiny thought by tiny thought, I began making things right.  Put simply, I stopped complaining and started appreciating.  Doing so has served me well.

My life continues to expand and the manifestation of the gratitude I feel continues to show up in amazing and miraculous ways.  The most beautiful thing is that the journey is not over.  Each day presents opportunities for even more expansion, and I strive to make every day better than the last: living life to its fullest, remaining focused in the present yet having fantastic dreams for the future.  In the midst of our human experience, there is nothing more powerful than intention fully realized, nothing more satisfying than the joyful reward of a life lived on purpose.

I hope you enjoy reading my reflections.  I certainly enjoy writing them.